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Affordable pothole repairs from a Christchurch team

We repair, resurface and replace

Through our years of experience working in and around Christchurch as asphalt and bitumen contractors, we have managed to turn our complicated service into a sophisticated art. At Kzn, we offer complete pavement construction: we can repair, resurface and replace patches of old, worn out concrete, or build entirely new strips of bitumen or asphalt.

We use quality, innovating products to get the job done, which leads to a high degree of perfect quality every time we perform a pothole repair, road resurfacing or install a new carpark. We offer a variety of varied large or small sized works from subdivisions to the repair of potholes, and to specialising in challenging contracts. Call today and see what we can do for you at 
Kzn Contracting!
Asphalt paver team repairing pothole repairs at an affordable price in Christchurch, NZ
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Constant maintenance

Even our final product needs a little love and care from time to time. From wind, rain, wear and tear, bitumen and asphalt can start to degrade, leading to the prevalence of cracks, potholes and divots in the otherwise seamless design. Not only are these unsightly but can also be really dangerous. We offer pothole repairs, road repairs, path replacements, and all other kinds of maintenance services, to ensure your bitumen and asphalt doesn’t just look great, but work’s great too. And, we offer a free quote: call today and let one of our friendly team of expert contractors land you a rock solid expected cost on your next job. 

Pothole repairs and more!

So if you’re looking to resurface that front path, add new carpark out the front of your business or repair those potholes that are littering your driveway, just call today. We will provide a fast, free quote on any of our services: anything from pothole repair, ripping up that old carpark or just putting in a new one.
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