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Complete pavement construction at Kzn Contracting. 

A Christchurch team of specialist asphalt contractors

Potholes. Cracks. Slipperly, unsurfaced asphalt. Not only does it look unsightly and unprofessional but it’s also incredibly unsafe. Get your bitumen and asphalt revitalised and repaired today with the local Christchurch experts in asphalt contracting. Professional and reliable, we can fix up your old job or do you an entirely new one, all at an incredibly affordable price. When you need to sort out your pot hole ridden road, cracked worn-out path or build a brand new one at the fraction of the cost, call your local bitumen and asphalt contractors at Kzn Contracting today.

Free quotes on all our services

Looking to sweeten the deal? With Kzn contracting, not only do you get friendly, timely expert asphalt contractors with a dedication to their job, but you also get a free quote on every job. Just give us a rough estimate and description of that you need, and we come back with a perfectly affordable quote at an incredibly fast manner. From pothole repairs, cracks, divots, to entirely new areas, our team will make sure you’re getting the best quote for every single job. Got a question to ask our expert team? With years of experience on the job and in the industry, our specialist bitumen and asphalt contractors know their stuff, so just give us a call today and get in touch. When you need professional asphalt contractors with years of industry experience, just give Kzn Contracting a call today!
A team of specialist contractors providing asphalt services in Christchurch, NZ
Call your local asphalt contractors at Kzn Contracting today: 027 300 5237

Smooth and seamless service

Just like our professional service, we create smooth and seamless roads, paths and concreted areas. We turn asphalt and bitumen into an art, and take our work very seriously, resulting in a perfect job every single time, free from lumps, bumps, potholes and damage. Our schedule is also as flexible as we are, and we can work the hours that no one else will, so we can get your new bitumen or asphalt area set in concrete before you know it. We don’t waste any time: we get in and get them done quickly, professionally and affordably. From small jobs to large, our team of expert bitumen and asphalt contractors love a challenge and are ready to tackle anything you throw at them. 
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